Supported Employment (COAST)

COAST supports Poole residents who have ill health or a disability to gain and/or sustain work. This work may be paid work, including supported permitted work under 16 hours per week; job trials; work experience or voluntary work.

The service seeks to improve lives and build people’s independence by supporting them to gain confidence; improve their sense of general wellbeing, sense of self-worth and their status through becoming a valued volunteer or employee.

Services Provided

The Community Outreach and Support Team (COAST) is based at Parkstone Connect Annexe.

Eligibility for the service is determined by the local council, the Borough of Poole.

The team will:

  • Allocate a keyworker to provide individual support and help to plan work goals;
  • Support in the completion of forms to help gain work;
  • Support attendance at job interviews, Jobcentre reviews and with work related benefits;
  • Help with applications or grants for training;
  • Arrange help and support with work related travel to and from home and the workplace;
  • Support with initial on-the job coaching;
  • Provide long term support at work;
  • Provide and support voluntary work through our Community Projects Works Team.

Partners and projects for the provision of voluntary work include:

  • Wesley’s Café (kitchen);
  • The Toy Library and Bookstart;
  • Conservation Work;
  • Household Collections;
  • New to You;
  • Gardening for Poole;
  • Gardening for isolated older people and carers.

Our staff

We have a friendly, welcoming and dedicated team of Employment Co-ordinators. The team’s skills include British sign language and they hold mental health and supported employment qualifications. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience around employment, benefits and disability rights.

Contact Information

The COAST team operate from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm Monday to Friday.

Telephone 01202 797 841


For more information please call us or visit our contact us page