Reablement is a short term and intensive service for up to a maximum of six weeks, usually delivered in a person’s own home

The Service

Reablement is delivered in a person’s own home and is offered to people with disabilities and those who are frail or recovering from an illness or injury. The purpose of the service is to help a person relearn skills to keep them safe and independent at home. Access to the service is free, but must be via a referral made from an acute or community hospital or council team in Dorset or Bournemouth.

This service is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and delivers personalised support to help people regain confidence and the ability to carry out daily living tasks. The amount of help needed varies with each person and their circumstances; typically, a couple of visits a day to a few visits a week.   The help provided should reduce quickly, as the person’s confidence and ability improves.

Who the service is for

This service is for people who are returning from hospital or who are finding it difficult to manage their personal care or carry out daily living tasks due to frailty or after a period of illness.

Support services provided

We support people with daily living tasks such as:

  • Getting up, out of bed and dressed
  • Getting undressed and into bed
  • Washing, shaving, washing hair
  • Being able to manage toilet requirements
  • Being able to prepare drinks and meals independently

The team works closely with other professionals such as GPs, community nurses, rehabilitation teams, occupational and physiotherapists to help each person follow a programme to reach agreed goals of independence.

Contact information

If you live in Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole, please call the Adult Social Care Contact Centre on 01202 123654 or email

If you live in Dorset, please call the Adult Access Team on 01305 221016 or email

Or speak to hospital staff if the person who may benefit from reablement is currently admitted for treatment.

For more information please call us or visit our contact us page