Morebus is the sustainable link between home, work and leisure that is fully inclusive and accessible for all. It is a pleasure for us to work with charities like COAST. They support countless people within the local community, helping them to gain and sustain work and part of this is supporting people to use public transport and access the community. We hope that one day, some of these people with COAST’s help, will gain enough confidence to travel with us independently and unlock their freedom.
Our Community Fund is a dedicated resource for supporting local causes, charities and organisations, whether it is monetary support, marketing help, free travel or the use of a bus/coach for an event required.
The Fund is open for applications from everyone in our local community; whether it’s a charity, a sports team, a school or a one of the local events that makes Bournemouth, Poole and the wider Dorset area an exciting place to live.
Local people are able to apply via our website and we have two rounds of applications per year in March and September. There is a judging panel to see which causes we can support and this will involve some of our local management team. This process will help us streamline the constant requests we get for help and support and ensure we give to the ones that fit closely with our brands.
Our donation to COAST will comprise of £100 worth of bus tickets for the volunteers to use to help them continue to carry out their work within the community. Part of this partnership also includes sending out a press release to local press offices, an article on our website and a post on our social media channel. This coverage will hopefully raise more awareness of the cause for the future.

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