COAST has always been keen to promote work and mental wellbeing for the people who use its service in their local community and linking up with Beryl was a perfect fit.

Travel independence for work opportunities is vital and many people who use our service have benefitted from COAST giving them training in this area. Recently the team have had three successes with travel independence on public transport, incidentally two of those individuals stopped using public transport because of the anxiety caused by the recent pandemic, so the team are happy to report that these obstacles have been overcome with the work the team have done.

Post pandemic, COAST have had group bike ride events with Beryl which promotes not only the scheme and the environment benefits, but also as an alternative in travel independence.
Individuals have gone on to sign up independently with the Beryl which can be used for work and leisure pursuits.

COAST have been invited to visit the Beryl workshop in Poole to see how the bikes are assembled and we will be exploring work opportunities they may have at their site.

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