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We understand that the provision of school meals is a regularly changing  landscape and that this can bring about uncertainty and questions regarding continuity and reliability.

The school meal monitoring service is here to support you and your school/academy to navigate these changes. We will work alongside you to assure school meal quality and delivery.

Schools and Academies can join the service during any given term, and the monitoring service will run for three consecutive terms from any start date in the academic year.

Service Objectives

To provide comprehensive support and guidance to Governing Bodies, Headteachers and other school staff, tailored specifically to:

  • Ensure all pupils have access to excellent
    quality school meals.
    Support your school to deliver high quality
    school meals, liaising with the contractor.
  • Ensure Government Nutritional Standards
    are met.
  • Ensure Allergen Information is up to date
    and meets regulations.
  • Staff have relevant food handling and
    hygiene training.


Our Core Offer

    • Termly reviews with your chosen school meal provider to ensure menus meet the specified Education (Nutritional Standard and Requirements for School Food) (England) Regulations 2014. We will then provide necessary assurance that services are being delivered as per agreed contractual arrangements. Upon completion of the review, we will continue to monitor any problems identified, until they are resolved.

    • Two school meal monitoring visits to carry out quality assurance checks of food preparation, serving and staff compliance with regulations. The monitoring visits we provide mirror the rating criteria used by Environmental Health Officers (EHO) to help you achieve and maintain a ‘5’ rating – and we will highlight any areas of concern that we identify in a formal report, so that they may be addressed ahead of a EHO inspection.

    • Telephone and email service for advice and support during office hours.

    • Liaison with the Local Authority Environmental Health Officers to resolve problems or issues following an EHO inspection.

    • We will liaise with other schools and academies, to facilitate school to school visits, so that best practice can be shared.

    • Production of a termly bulletin to share national best practice and case studies surrounding food safety initiatives, environmental health initiatives and catering provision.

Core Offer Pricing

Our pricing is based on pupil capacity:

  • School/Academy with 300 pupils or under – £450*
  • School/Academy with 301 pupils or above – £650*

This one-off payment will cover you for school meal monitoring for 3 consecutive terms.

*All prices are subject to VAT

Additional Services


Consultancy services are available to access in addition to the core offer above.
Any issues arising in connection with delivery of the core service with either the school meals provider or a school that cannot be resolved within standard time allowances will be subject to extra charges via our consultancy service.

For example:

  • Your provider going out of business resulting in no meals for children at short notice.
  • Advice with school meal provider tenders and contracts.
  • Support required to link with Public Health.

You will receive confirmation by email of any agreement for the purchase of these services
before delivery commences and charges are incurred. Other parties, both internal and
external, may be commissioned to support this delivery as needs arise.

Our consultancy service can be accessed at an hourly rate of £75*.

*All prices are subject to VAT


Training Offer

We offer in-school training sessions covering:

  • Basic food preparation
  • Hygiene
  • Best practice and procedures

This course covers all the required content to satisfy Poole EHO requirements for serving school meals, as well as fulfilling Poole EHO’s training record requirements. It is offered as a face-to-face course, delivered in person in your kitchen, rather than online.

The session is interactive with the opportunity for staff to work together and ask questions, and staff will be provided with a certificate of attendance upon completion.

Our training service is available at a charge of £100* per session, with a limit of 5 participants. Any additional participants are charged at an additional £30* per head.

*All prices are subject to VAT

Contact us today

All services are managed and delivered by:

Contact Name: Tina Hayter – Executive Catering Manager
Telephone: 07586 721125 / 01202 797888

E-mail Address: schoolmonitoring@tricuro.org


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