What is Discover Digital?

Discover Digital is our newly developed digital Service at Tricuro. We are delighted to be offering a range of high-quality live content focused on person centred goals and outcomes. Our sessions are specifically developed with our clients in mind, and we are passionate about the content we have on offer, and creative in our delivery.


What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of remotely delivered sessions which can be accessed from the comfort of your own home, or as part of your Tricuro offering. These sessions provide meaningful, social and engaging content centred around staying active, learning new skills, engaging in music, meeting new people and making friends, improving health and wellbeing and supporting carers.

How do I sign up?

Joining us at Discover Digital couldn’t be easier – simply get in touch!

You can contact us using the details below for an initial chat to make sure the service provided is tailored to your individual needs and interests – keeping you at the heart of what we deliver.

If you feel Discover Digital is for you, we can sign you up. We run all of our live sessions via the Zoom Platform, and we offer 3 FREE trial sessions to get started. Once the trial period has ended, we will discuss membership package options with you to find the right service to suit your needs. You can now book your sessions and enjoy all that Discover Digital has to offer! One-off session purchases are also available.

Trying new things can sometimes be daunting, which is why anyone joining our service will be allocated an individual key worker who will support them during sessions and introduce them to other people using our Discover Digital service.

Feedback from people who use Discover Digital

Your feedback is at the forefront of the development of the Discover Digital Service, and we recently ran bespoke feedback workshops for people receiving our Digital Sessions. Of the 32 people who took part, we found that:

  • 96.8% found sessions to be valuable
  • 88.4% would recommend sessions to a friend
  • 60% now feel more confident using technology
  • 96.42% would like to attend more Tricuro digital sessions in the future, or at least the same number of sessions they currently receive.

Our Sessions

Our live sessions fall into six categories – each with its own theme and outcomes. Once you have signed up to access our Service, you will be given a welcome pack with all the information you need to choose which sessions are right for you.

For more detail about our live session categories, please continue below:


These sessions are designed to get individuals moving and expressing their creativity. With a variety of intensity, these sessions are sure to encourage keeping fit and active.


To increase physical activity, movement, and co-ordination. To build individual confidence in self-expression. To motivate and encourage a more active lifestyle.


Learning sessions are about active minds and engaging in new skills. We will provide a variety of learning opportunities to suit all needs.


To give opportunities to access new skills and develop client learning. To gain new knowledge and find new interests. To feel empowered to ask questions and develop key skills.


These interactive sessions always inspire clients to participate and connect with the music. Each session has its own pace, from calm to Karaoke, there is always something for everyone.


To engage individuals with all forms of music; playing, singing, and the emotional responses that they evoke. To encourage recognition of songs, confidence in performing and creativity.


Aimed to keep everyone connected and engaging with one another, our social sessions are a wonderful place to be listened to, see old friends, and make new ones!


To empower individuals to speak up and have their say. To help build relationships and create positive social experiences for all to participate in.


These sessions are for improving lifestyle and encouraging healthy habits and taking care of our clients mental and physical wellbeing.


To focus on the mind, body, and soul of our clients. To promote good independent choice making and to empower a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.


These sessions are a dedicated space for all carers to access.


To prioritise the needs of family members and carers. To provide a friendly space to focus on their wellbeing and build new relationships.

What people say about
Discover Digital

“Keeps my brain active and I like to meet my friends.”

“I get bored at home without Zoom sessions.”

“It keeps me interested and I enjoy them.”

“The sessions provide structure to my day.”

Contact us today

We would love to hear from you. Click here to register your interest and to book your free trial sessions today.

To learn more about how we can support you, our pricing packages and to discuss your bespoke package of digital sessions – please get in touch using the details below:

Call us: 01202 797844
Email: discoverdigital@tricuro.org
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