From Dorset to Paris . . . virtually

By 19th October 2018 News

Clients in Tricuro’s care homes and day services have been going to the beach and on safari from their armchair and enjoying their morning cuppa in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

We have been using virtual reality (VR) technologies to bring immersive experiences like these to older clients and those with disabilities or long-term health conditions, and the response has been fantastic.

Our Innovation and Technology Manager Richard Dolan says: “Whether it’s educating, stimulating or connecting people with memories of experiences past, VR has developed to the point where it is now widely available, non-invasive, and being used for a variety of health and wellbeing initiatives.  The feedback from clients has been extremely positive. I’ve seen a 99-year-old lady in absolute raptures as she experienced surfing big waves.    Clients describe their experiences as ‘amazing’ and ‘breathtaking’, and many are asking for more!  As we continue with our virtual journey, the opportunities to create our own content for both group and person-centred experiences are huge. We see technology as a tool, and it’s how we use it that determines the benefits to our clients.”

We will share more information as we develop our VR experiences.

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