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By 13th November 2018 February 6th, 2019 News

This story came from a discussion at Dorset County Council’s Audit and Governance Committee on 25 October 2018.    This was a follow up on an outstanding action from an internal audit in 2017 which was reviewing Dorset County Council’s arrangements to ensure that there are adequate contract management arrangements to assess the performance and activities of Tricuro.

This was not an assessment of Tricuro’ s own Governance arrangements, the Finance and Governance arrangements of the company which are more than appropriate for the company and it’s three shareholders.

In response to the Dorset Echo Phil Rook Tricuro’s Finance Director said  “Since the Internal Audit Review of the Councils arrangements , further work has been done to ensure the council receives appropriate assurance regarding operational and financial performance of Tricuro’ s activities.  There are monthly Finance and Performance reports which are sent to the Council and monthly meetings are held with commissioners to discuss and monitor the KPI’s in the Care Contract.  In addition there are regular meetings with Tricuro Management and Senior staff within Dorset County Council to review strategic progress on both financial and operational issues .  The Executive Shareholder Group who govern Tricuro also receive regular Finance and Performance reports on a quarterly basis in addition to the other service information that is requested from members.  Tricuro also held an Annual General Meeting in September which elected members and senior staff were invited to review the performance for the year.  The issues raised in the audit will be concluded and an update will be given to the next Audit and Governance Meeting.”

This story has made it to the local radio station Wessex FM yesterday, so Tricuro have asked for a statement from Dorset County Council to clarify that there are no issues with Tricuro’ s governance arrangements.

The following statement has been made to Wessex FM by Dorset County Council yesterday:

A spokesperson for Dorset County Council on Monday 12th November, said,

“Dorset County Council commissioners have regular contract management meetings with Tricuro. They have also received the required performance management information and meet regularly with senior managers to ensure that the quality and efficiency of services are regularly reviewed.

The South West Audit Partnership reviewed governance arrangements put in place by the council over a year ago, and as a result implemented a number of recommendations, which have all been complied with.    Progress has been and will again be reported to the relevant scrutiny committees of the council.”

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