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Musical Chairs

By 13th May 2019May 22nd, 2019News, Uncategorised

With Innovation as one of our core values, Tricuro continues to push the boundaries of technology enabled person centred care with our latest exciting development, immersive audio therapy. Using a combination of high fidelity speakers housed within a chair or cushion, music and ambient sound to create a personalised audio experience, we have seen hugely positive results across our services from a wide range of clients.

The power of music to connect us to our past and promote memory recall is familiar to us all, and recent trials within our services have shown that there is significant potential for this to have a positive impact for clients with a range of care and support needs. Results have shown a huge reduction in stress, physical tension and discomfort, and a significant improvement in mood and general wellbeing after just 15 minutes in the chair or with the cushion. With some of our dementia clients the results have been even more impressive, connecting people to past memories, places, people, and opening up channels of communication with staff that can give us a new perspective on how we can delivery truly person centred care by understanding more about the person, their life and their experiences.

A recent session at our Stour Connect day service was captured for BBC Radio Solent – to hear more about this exciting development and to hear directly from Derek, one of our clients, about his heart-warming experience with immersive audio technology click on the link below:

BBC Radio Solent Steve Harris (1:22:50)

Listening to Derek and hearing from the staff that support him day to day about the difference just a few short minutes made to his day is the reason we continue to explore the therapeutic benefits of this innovative approach, and anyone wishing to find our more is encouraged to get in touch for a demonstration.