Rita (Client) – Wimborne

Rita was a resident at Streets Meadow Care Home where she enjoyed interacting with the staff and other residents.

She became very active helping to raise money for Streets Meadow amenity fund, using her considerable sewing and knitting skills. Sadly, when she had been with us for about four years she was diagnosed with stomach cancer and, being Rita, she refused all treatment and was fully aware that she only had a short time to live.

When the Streets Meadow staff discussed palliative care, she was adamant that she did not want sympathy – just support and care to help her face death.  She also said she wanted to go to the beach for a day and have a burger from McDonalds!  A takeaway was suggested as she had become so frail but Rita was having none of it, so, on a sunny Monday morning she was taken to Bournemouth beach by her keyworker and the activity officer.  Rita spent the whole day there and enjoyed a beer by the sea, followed by a visit to McDonalds for her burger – she said that she would like more onions next time!

Rita passed away peacefully on the following Friday.  The Streets Meadow community feel the essence of Rita is still with them as she has a purple butterfly dedicated to her on their wall of remembrance.

We would like to thank Rita’s family for agreeing that we can tell her story here.

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