Emma (Client) – Weymouth

Emma has made great progress since she has been coming to Weymouth Connect.

She currently accesses our independent learning flat twice a week. This involves a variety of independent skills including food preparation, cooking, shopping and health and wellbeing activities.  She is now using these new skills at home, as her parents have commented: “Emma really seems to be enjoying the flat experience. She is very happy to tell us about it when she gets home, also she is much more involved in the kitchen at home. She often helps with the prep and the washing up”.

Emma is also working hard towards Independent Living Skills (ASDAN). ASDAN is an educational charity committed to recognising and rewarding the achievement of people across the whole age range.  Clients follow a designated programme evidencing their skills and experience with a subject of their choice, for example learning independent skills; travel training; work kitchen placements etc.  Modules also include art and craft; citizenship; music; exercise; health and wellbeing and many more. The modules can be adapted to be person-centred to support vulnerable adults developing new skills and new experiences, and this can be done in the service and in the community.

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