June 07, 2022

Jubilee Competition

This is an entry from the Hayes residential home. The residents have worked very hard on this with lots of help from our wonderful staff. Both the crown and the poem will be part of a display in the home. Our residents are so proud of their achievements.  The Hayes were lucky enough to be invited to the Digby hall to meet the queen in 2012 and some residents still have very fond memories of this. Below you can read the poem written by the residents.

Here is our crown to celebrate the Queens jubilee,
70 years of reigning over you and me,
Such a young age to take over the crown,
What an achievement and she does it all without a frown.
We all have fond memories of her visit to our beautiful town.
Little old Sherborne, decorations and all,
She met with our residents, the shopkeepers and the schools,
Curtsy or bow? How would we greet her?
She gave us a smile; it was an honour to meet her.
Bunting and hats, cream teas all around,
This is how we will be celebrating the day she was crowned,
So, lets raise our glasses and make a toast,
Long may she be the stamp on our post.

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