A Tricuro Volunteer’s Story

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We would like to introduce you to Ian, who has captured his thoughts about his volunteering.

 ‘What happens when retirement comes along as it does for most of us, eventually?  We may have led very active lives and amassed so much knowledge and expertise.   Is that to be wasted?   Surely it is time to rest and allow others to pick up the baton.  Wouldn’t that be a waste of our precious experiences and perhaps a sure recite for ill health and maybe loneliness?  For me retirement meant ‘re-tyre-ment’; a new set of tyres, a new set of opportunities and a new set of friends.

My last job involved driving elderly people to and from the Blandford Day Centre where I had already made some great friends.  Ill health was forcing me to re-assess the future and the idea of walking away from them completely seemed unthinkable, so I asked if I could volunteer a little of my time to work in the centre.  I was welcomed with open arms.

As we get older life has its challenges, but we really don’t have to stop having fun and spending time with people, wherever that may be, offers plenty of room for that.  In my role as a Volunteer, I have an opportunity to give people the time and attention that they may otherwise not have, a special treat some say.  And I am certainly made to feel that this is the case.

Perhaps you are thinking that you, like me, might like to become a volunteer.  You can choose how many hours you want to contribute and what activities you want to engage in.  You may want to come in once a week, like I do, or come once a month.  You may love fishing or knitting and you could share a little bit of time with others who share that hobby.

Why not get in touch with your local service?  The teams will be delighted to hear from you!

Ian Smith

Volunteer, Blandford Community Centre


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