Paid work

The Supported Employment service provides people with ill health and/or disabilities who seek to gain and sustain work.

This work may be paid work, including supported permitted work under 16 hours per week; including job trials,  work experience  or voluntary work


COAST (Poole) and CES (Bournemouth)

The supported employment service seeks to improve lives and build people’s independence by:

Helping people achieve paid work to giving them great independence
Supporting individuals to gain confidence and a sense of self-worth and status by becoming a valued volunteer or employee.
Improving a sense of general wellbeing by increasing positive social contact, and reducing or removing boredom, isolation and inactivity, through regular work activity.

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Supported employment, Tricuro, Dorset

Who is entitled to Support?

Eligibility for the service  is determined by the local authority and differs between Poole and Bournemouth.

COAST can support people with a disability who live in Poole, are is 18+ years old and has had a Work Capability Assessment.

CES can support people with a disability who live in Bournemouth; is 18+years old; and who has been assessed by Bournemouth Borough Council.

How long can the service provide support for a person?

New referrals have an agreed limit of 2 years; people are reviewed every 6 months. However, support is available at any time if you need it. We give you less support as you become more confident but a team member is only a phone call away if needed.

Is it easy to refer to the service?

For COAST people are encouraged to contact the service by telephone with support if needed.

For CES, all referrals must come via a health and social care professional, such as a social worker.

COAST, Tricuro, CES, Dorset

What does the service offer?

The teams will:

Provide a keyworker to support you.
Support you to plan your work goals.
Complete forms to help you gain work.
Support you attending job interviews, Jobcentre reviews and with work related benefits
Help with applications or grants  for training
Arrange help with travel to and from home and the work
Support to you with  on-the-job coaching.
Provide a six month review of all placements after the initial two year period.
Provide long term support at work

COAST’s Voluntary Project Work Teams

Wesley’s Café (kitchen)

Partner: Poole Methodists at The Spire, Poole High Street.

Working as a volunteer,  alongside a COAST project worker qualified in catering, to support the production of food items for sale in Wesley’s café.

Baking a variety of cakes, biscuits, scones, and pastries, preparing and making soups, general kitchen work. Developing a range of useful skills and knowledge in a well-equipped commercial kitchen.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue Centre

Partner: Margaret Green Animal Rescue Centre

A variety of tasks are undertaken around the site depending upon a schedule of works. Such as clearing drives and paths of weeds, moss, and leaves, timber staining fences, hutches and picnic tables around the site, window cleaning, maintaining stables and animal bedding tasks, maintaining field areas and the pet cemetery, general housekeeping.

Conservation Work

Partners: Borough of Poole Open Spaces Service, Borough of Poole Upton Country Park, The National Trust at Kingston Lacey Estate.

Teams undertake a variety of tasks around various nature reserves and open spaces in Poole and at The Kingston Lacey Estate.

New To You (warehouse)

Partner: Borough of Poole Environment & Consumer Protection Services.

“New to You” is a Borough of Poole service that gives reclaimed items – salvaged from the council’s household waste recycling centre – a new home at affordable prices and supports local people in ‘crisis need’ with the provision of essential items such as furniture, crockery, pots and pans”.

A team from COAST- based at the storage warehouse – clean items and apply price stickers, checking and sorting CDs, DVDs and games and generally getting the shop ready for selling items to the public.

There are two community gardening projects:

Gardening for Poole Foodbank

Partners:  Poole Foodbank & Faithworks Wessex.

Teams work at allotment sites in Poole growing vegetables, salads, and plants.  These are grown and harvested for the use of people using Poole Foodbank.

Gardening for isolated older  people and carers

Partners: Faithworks Wessex & The Church of The Good Shepherd

Teams look after the gardens of residents of Poole who are no longer able to look after their gardens due to ill health, frailty, or disability, and who cannot afford to pay for the work privately. Eligibility for the service is determined by Faithworks Wessex.

Toy Library and Bookstart

Partner: Borough of Poole’s Children’s Service & Library Service

The work undertaken includes checking for damage or loss, cleaning, maintaining, cataloguing, and lending toys out from various centres across Poole, making sure toys are returned to correct centres, reporting to centre team members any faults / damages and storing toys safely, packing book start ruck sacks.

Partner: Bookstart, a national programme that works through libraries, health professionals and early years providers to give a free pack of books to promote a life-long love of books.

Household Collections
Partner: Lewis Manning Trust

A team collect unwanted bric-a-brac and other small household items from peoples’ homes. These are taken to the charity’s shop outlets for sale by Lewis Manning Trust to raise funds for the charity’s work. Collection schedules are arranged by Lewis Manning.

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Service Details

You can contact COAST, who are based at Seaview Day Centre, Poole on

01202 797841

or Email us at


For enquiries about the Community Employment Services (CES), 528 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth contact us by telephone on

01202 531339

or email us at

These services are managed by Russell Giles.