Pine Tree Bungalow highly commended

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Tricuro’s Pine Tree Day Service is highly commended at the Dorset Wildlife Trust wildlife friendly gardening competition.

Tricuro’s Pine Tree is a day service based in Sherborne for people with any kind of disability. They have been highly commended for their entry in this year’s wildlife friendly garden competition. This is the first year that Pine Tree have entered, and they had only 3 months to prepare for judging.  Clients and staff have been managing the garden to ensure that wildlife are welcome and the garden provides food and shelter for wild visitors.

The judges were impressed with the variety of native species and early flowering wild plants that provide nectar for newly emerging bees and insects in the spring.

Following this year’s success, everyone at Pine Tree is looking forward to creating even more wildlife friendly features and winning further recognition in next year’s competition

Here are Pine Tree tips for making your garden more welcoming for wildlife

  • Raise the blade on your mower, and cut the lawn less frequently. This allows low growing flowers and clovers to come through and feed the bees
  • Try and leave at least on patch of your garden untouched. Even a small patch can provide a refuge for wildlife and plants such as nettles are a valuable food source for some caterpillars and butterflies.
  • Collect rainwater to reduce your use of fresh water, and if possible have a water feature for a greater range of wildlife visitors.
  • Create a wood/log pile or a bug hotel for creatures that thrive in such an environment.
  • Replace the use of chemicals by encouraging natural predators, such as birds and hover flies.


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